Greater Eureka

Eureka metropolitan area

Continent North America

United States of America


California (Humboldt)

Principal cities Eureka


Urban 110,806
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
•Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)

The Eureka metropolitan area is a combined area including Eureka, Bay, McKinley, Slide, Sunnyside Ferndale, and Blue counties in Northern California's North Coast.

The area is anchored by Eureka, California, the county seat of Eureka County, and the capital of Humboldt, and, to a lesser extent, Arcata, California, the county seat of Bay County.

Metropolitan Eureka includes all of the non-forested areas of Humboldt, and Metropolitan Eureka does not include any forested areas.


  • Eureka
  • Bay
  • McKinley
  • Slide
  • Sunnyside
  • Ferndale
  • Blue


[edit]Places with more than 50,000 inhabitantsEdit

[edit]Places with 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitantatsEdit

[edit]Places with 1,000 to 10,000 inhabitantsEdit



[edit]High schoolsEdit




  • KMUE
  • KNCR
  • KWPT
  • KWSW
  • KXGO
  • KFMI
  • KGOE
  • KHSU
  • KHUM
  • KIHH
  • KJNY
  • KKHB
  • K-LOVE
  • KATA (AM)
  • KBAE
  • KEJY




[edit]Freeways and HighwaysEdit


Metropolitan Eureka is served by the Eureka Transit Service serving all of the City of Eureka, also serving all of Metropolitan Eureka is the Redwood Transit Service, which also serves Humboldt.


the Eureka International Airport is located in McKinleville near the Northern end of Metropolitan Eureka, Redwood Transit Service, Eureka Transit Serve, and the Eureka City Cab provides Transportation to the Aiport.


Metropolitan Eureka does not have a major railroad, but does have some small Railroads through the City of Eureka.


[edit]Theme ParksEdit

Metropolitan Eureka is home to Bounce-A-Palooza a Indoor Theme Park located in the Bayshore Mall in Eureka, which opened around 2006.


Sequoia Park Zoo is the only major zoo in Greater Eureka, the Zoo is located in Eureka, and is home to more than 30 animals, the Zoo also features a Gift Shop, Cafe, and even more.


Metropolitan Eureka is home to many Superstores, most Superstores are located in Eureka, Eureka is home to more than 30 Superstores, which are located primary in the Bayshore Mall.

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